Originally from Italy, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elyssa Vulpes is catching everyone by surprise. Her music has a strong storytelling spine and has been called “Beautiful, challenging and moody” while fans describe her as “Amanda Palmer has a party with Neko Case and the Pretenders”


In a sea of mediocre manufactured mainstream music Elyssa Vulpes stands out not only with her mix of Contemporary Pop Rock with Atmospheric Folk tinges and a Cabaret twist but with her uncompromising authenticity and her well thought-out and often comedic lyrics.


Elyssa has performed far and wide, playing at both the Wellington and Auckland Folk Festivals in New Zealand as well as opening for the Handsome Family and winning 3rd Prize at Festival Di Biella back in her home country.


She has collaborated with a varied array of artists and released a grand total of 11 albums winning Radioindy’s Grindie Award with her album “Pearl of Blood”. Not happy with just mastering several instruments she also has a Graduate Diploma in Electronic Music performance and is currently signed to dance labels Subtraxx record and Dirt Lies & Audio Recordings.


Miss Vulpes's latest project is a double pop rock album set to be released in 2018 as well as an Indie Folk singer-songwriter album with European and Celtic flavors coming out in 2019. While currently a solo artist all three albums were created with a virtual band of international musicians from Scotland, Poland, New Zealand, Spain and Australia.


During her career she has traversed many genres including Electronic, Experimental, Dance, Folk and Pop Rock showing her stylistic variety. Her sound has a unique set of influences drawing largely on the Cantautori Italiani and the British Psychedelic folk ballads of the 1970s as well as European Folk, Punk Cabaret and some influences from the Gothic scene.


Elyssa plans to take her new albums on tour across the UK and Europe. She is now working on a solo Electronic music project and is currently mastering Electronic music production and drumming for this. She currently resides in Edinburgh.



Front Line @ EdFringe 2016 
Red Fox
Elyssa Vulpes and The Betes Noires
Mjuk (with Arjen Schippers)

The Moon Whispers (New Zealand)
Amy Davidson (Aieda Cin)

George Le Rouge (Composer / Italy)
Thom Dj T (Composer / Germany)
Domenico Pandolfo and Sunny Donito

Signed to Labels
Subtraxx Records and
Dirt Lies & Audio Recordings

Where Have All the Good Guys Gone ? Live in the studio 2016
Fringe 2015
New image no 2
The Betes Noires
The Moon Whispers