What's this all about ?

In case you were wondering why I do what I do... The source of my creativity is a strong desire to understand myself and to share my inner knowing with others. As a creative person I am here to communicate what is too difficult or impossible to communicate otherwise and hopefully enrich myself and others in the process. I believe art is an act of service. When you as the viewer are responsive to my work I in turn feed off your energy and feel less isolated. I believe the true aim of art is being fulfilled at the soul level: I will be successful when my effort to reach out and build a bridge between me and others is achieved.

Most of my work is informed by something I call Scorpion energy: it is all about transformation; death and rebirth; transforming dark into light. Because there is no no renewal without shedding of skins I try to delve into what I otherwise would be afraid of. Pain, loss, confusion, anger, illness, whatever brings me discomfort. By doing this I try to defeat my own fear of pain, my own resistance to what is. By doing this I am trying to force myself to accept whatever seems to be the truth without becoming a victim to circumstances. Then I will hopefully manage to move on and build from the rubble.

What I'd like to really embody is the message that nothing is really good or bad, including sorrow. From the perspective of eternity, no choice is a bad choice. It just leads you to the same end: the evolution of consciousness.